A resource website for staff and students.

The Thingspace is a small, multidisciplinary art studio inspired by makerspaces, fabrication labs, and traditional sculpture studios, designed to foster the research, education, and practice interests of current and future art professionals.  As a result, students, staff, and faculty can use a wide mix of traditional and digital tools to experiment and explore three-dimensional aesthetic, interactive, or consumer objects, materials, and ideas.  The three core media foci of the studio are new media electronics, 3-D digital fabrication, and sculpture.

The Art and Art Education program at Teachers College is one of the few art education graduate programs that provide studio classes and resources to its students.  In addition to working with other Art and Art Education studios, Thingspace works closely with its sister lab, the Myers Media Art Studio, which focuses on digital media and houses many computers, printers, and other digital media tools for student use.  You may visit the Myers Media Art Studio site at http://www.mmas.pressible.org

Students and staff are required to be enrolled in an Art and Art Education class, workshop series, or receive special permission before use.  The space is still in the process of undergoing some changes so keep an open mind and feel free to offer suggestions and ideas!
For general inquiries contact thingspace@tc.columbia.edu



We are always looking for donations!

We are primarily looking for computers, basic tool (hammers, pliers, etc.), and materials and supplies.  If you would like to check whether or not we will accept your donation before bringing it in, e-mail us at thingspace@tc.columbia.edu

 Instagram: tcthingspace
*Posted content does not necessarily reflect the views of TC, the Thingspace, or any of its constituents

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