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Have you used Moodle or Canvas? Which do you like better? Do you feel like these tools help or hinder your learning? Were there any learning systems you have used in the past that you really enjoyed? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Creating a makerspace on a budget

Check out this article on creating a makerspace on a budget. This is a great resource for those of you entering schools that may not have easy access to funding.

How to stock your makerspace for 100 bucks or less

“The maker movement is about more than technology.” -Ryan Hunt

I especially love his warnings about kits. While they can be very convenient, it is almost always cheaper to buy the component parts individually. I also find that in the Thingspace, pieces get pilfered from kits for other projects, or lost, rendering the kit fairly useless. I went through all our kits this year and separated and sorted out the component pieces so they could be used for more creative projects. I did keep the idea books and instructions though, and they are always available to borrow if you need inspiration.

Design Thinking

What is Human-centered Design? from IDEO.org on Vimeo.


How can the concepts of human-centered design help you to create lesson plans, or technology plans for your classroom?

As you approach your next unit of lesson plans, think about using a human-centered design framework to create your lessons. In what ways will your lesson plans change? What sort of immersive experiences will you create for yourself in order to develop a deeper understanding of the student experience in your classroom?